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An EFT* Practitioner Simply Doesn’t Have the Time

A website is absolutely essential in today’s world. It also saves you LOTS of time because I set up your website to answer the most common questions that your potential clients normally ask you over and over again. Kind of like your very own receptionist/assistant.

These EFT website choices (click here) were developed in response to practitioners telling me they are so busy helping their clients that they don’t have time to get a website together.

All EFT websites are custom, however, these templates are provided as a cost-effective, time-saving jump start. Button names can be changed, colors can be changed, logos, layouts and etc. More buttons, shopping cart and etc are all available as custom add-ons.

Please use the word document HERE to type in your EFT web content or for an extra $75, we can have a 30-45 minute phone conversation and I will write all the content for you (I am an award-winning sales and marketing writer.) I’ll send it to you for editing and approval before posting. If you want to call me and just talk a little first, there is, of course, no charge.

Sample websites:


Start your own EFT website here!

*Emotional Freedom Techniques

$349 includes
One of the design layouts HERE
Please make sure the photo is large enough for a website
Your logo or EFT logo (please provide your logo as .eps. More logo info HERE)
5 pages with all the writing/content provided by YOU (Click Here for Word document)

Hosting for the first year (additional years are $52 per year). This includes:

  • One year shared hosting (hosting is the server computer where your site lives so people looking on the internet can find it. Shared means that you share the computer with other websites but it’s invisible)
  • One year URL name
  • 2 email addresses (you may choose to forward your mail to an existing address so anything@yourname.com goes to your current mailbox (Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, etc.)